When we found out I was pregnant, a sea of emotions took over me. As I think back now, all I remember was crying profusely while I watched the Clear Blue Digital Pregnancy Test┬ádisplay “Pregnant” followed by “2-3 weeks”. I was ecstatic. I’d already taken 2 test over a span of 4 weeks prior to this one, just to be told “nope, not pregnant.” And finally here I was… pregnant!

Although my pregnancy was fairly “easy”, I did suffer from severe morning sickness and tiredness for the first 12 weeks. And so we waited for Little Logan. And waited and waited. For a full 42 weeks. Yup you read right, a WHOLE 42 weeks! Now, my hospital bag was packed at around 32 weeks. At 34 weeks I repacked it again and went through my hospital list to make sure I had everything in there. When 38 weeks came along I started looking at ways to induce labor naturally, as my doctor mentioned at my 38 week appointment “in most cases first born babies are known to be lazy and most first time moms go over their due date.”

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