Facebook groups are a great resource for growing your blog and business by driving potential customers to your website or online shop. And if you’re not a part of any Facebook groups or you haven’t quite utelized them, you’re seriously missing out. Facebook groups are a great source to find your ideal client.

But wait, before you go on a Facebook group joining rampage, you have to make sure you’re joining the right groups.

How do I find the right groups to join?

By being specific with the type of group you’re interested in joining.

Facebook has provided this nifty little search tab at the very top of your profile.

Just click on it, insert some keywords, for example, “Female Entrepreneur” and select “Groups”.

My target market is female entrepreneurs and online business owners and now I have a whole list of groups to choose from and I know my ideal clients are most probably hanging out in these groups.

I’ve joined the group, now what?

Read the rules first. A lot of these groups are super strict and have specific rules in place, mainly due to the size of the group and to ensure that everyone who joins is treated fairly. For me, the groups with a set list of rules are a whole lot more organized and fun to participate in. Most groups will prompt you to introduce yourself upon being accepted.

Something simple like the image below can be created using Canva and shared across all of your Social Media platforms.

FYI make sure the Facebook profile that you’re using in these groups is linked to your business page and that your business page has a call to action, making it super easy for a potential customer to check out your services/products and to contact you.

Don’t spam them with your pitch.

It’s important to make your business and goals known without being salesy. Using these groups to find clients means you’ll have to put in the work, by being active in the group and commenting regularly.
Provide value through helping other members, first.

Stay focused on your goal.

Don’t join too many groups. This can be quite overwhelming and you’re likely to miss out on golden opportunities because you have too many things going on. I’d suggest joining 3-5 groups at first. Check them out, introduce yourself and be active. If you feel one or more of them don’t serve you, remove yourself and join another group. 

This way you’ll be able to focus on participating more regularly in a few groups and makes it easier to network and get to know people better. 

Search the group.

There’s another nifty little search button on the left side of your screen (or at the top if you’re on mobile). Type in keywords related to your niche, make sure you select “search this group” and check out the posts. I usually comment on posts dated within 3 days. What’s great about the search function is you’ll be able to search your business (writer, web designer, photographer) and see all the posts that relate to you. Just make sure to keep an eye on the date of the post. There’s no use commenting on a post from 3 months ago. This will seem spammy, irrelevant and could damage your credibility. 

I am a Virtual Assistant specializing in Office, Blog and Pinterest Management which means I’ll use the search function to look up posts related to “VA”, “Virtual Assistant” and “Pinterest”. In most cases, the posts related to Pinterest are from people asking “how to..” questions or want to know about Rich Pins or Buyable Pins, which is great because I get to share my knowledge and add value to the group.

This way the person posting and even other members reading the comments can see that I am knowledgeable about Pinterest and start to trust in my expertise as a Pinterest Manager.

People will begin to recognize you as the go-to person for that specific thing and when they’re ready to invest, will see you as a front-runner because:

  • you’ve already built a connection
  • you’ve gained their trust
  • they see the value you’re willing to add (for free)
  • they’ve probably already checked out your profile and business page and know exactly what you offer

And lastly, take advantage of Promo Threads.

Check out the group’s description to see when the Promo Thread will be posted. These Promo Threads are huge for your blog and business and are essential for driving traffic and getting your products and services in front of people. Check out this post, detailing the 5 groups I use to boost my traffic. It’s also a great way to increase your email list. (If you don’t already have an opt-in, get on it NOW! More on this topic later.)


If you’ve enjoyed this post, make sure to list your favorite Facebook Group in the comments below!

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