Isn’t running your own business so rewarding and fulfilling? You get to do what you love every single day and you don’t have to answer to anyone about why the business’ stationery has unicorns on them. Okay, that last bit might be a stretch, but seriously, being an entrepreneur and business owner rocks.

10 Tasks you can outsource to a Virtual Assistant

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But just because you’re an Entrepreneur doesn’t mean you have to do #allthethings yourself. There are some time-sucking tasks that take up way too much time and lucky for you there is someone else willing to take care of them for you. So you can focus on growing and moving forward in your biz, while they’re stuck in Facebook groups looking for potential leads.

Speaking of leads, let’s get into the list of 10 tasks you can outsource to a Virtual Assistant.

10 Tasks you can outsource to a Virtual Assistant

1 | Stalking Facebook groups for possible leads. We all know how valuable Facebook groups are for growing your business, but let’s face it, it’s like a black hole. What feels like 5 minutes turns out to be 4 hours and before you know it, it’s lunchtime and you haven’t even brushed your teeth or changed out of your PJ’s yet.

2 | Cold calling. Now, if you actually love doing this, kudos to you. I personally hate a telephone and would rather sit in the middle of the dessert in a sandstorm than have to pick up a phone to call someone. And if you feel the same, don’t worry there’s a VA who can take care of that.

3 | Proofreading your post and making sure every single link works. If you write blog posts using Grammarly, I applaud you friend. If not, well you’re either a grammatical wiz or you like to live on the dangerous side of life. And if you use a lot of hyperlinks that link to other resources on your blog, on someone else’s blog or you are big on affiliate marketing, you probably know how big of a deal it is to test your links and make sure they actually work. There’s nothing worse than spending 20 hours crafting the perfect blog post filled with the most beautiful links, and after a few days of it being shared and re-pinned on Pinterest, you discover that one of the links is wrong or broken.

Grammarly Writing Support

4 | Social Media. Just like Facebook groups, Instagram and Twitter will also swallow you whole.

5 | Transcribing podcasts and Youtube videos and turning them into blog posts. Podcasts and videos are a great source of content for your blog, but it can be a pain to convert them into posts.

6 | Video editing. Depending on whether or not videos are your thing, you can focus more time on creating them than editing them. And your VA could probably make sure they get uploaded on time and respond to Youtube comments in the first hour the video gets published. Win, win, win!

7 | Creating and sending out proposals. I have to admit, this is one area that I absolutely love and I would rather go to bed an hour later and do it myself. But if you have too many of them that need to go out, a VA could definitely take care of it for you.

8 | Updating or adding SEO tags to all of your online products. Whether you sell on Creative Market, Etsy or Amazon, you need SEO optimized keywords in your product descriptions. Yes, even if you’re selling beard oil, you need SEO optimized keywords in your product descriptions! Got it? Okay.

9 | Searching for brand-specific stock images for your blog and business. This can be a major pain, especially if you’re SUPER picky like I am. There are amazing sites where you can purchase gorgeous stock photos, but it can be time-consuming to search for the perfect fit. Although if you don’t want to outsource this one, head on over to SC Stock Shop. Shay has made it super easy to find brand-specific images, by allowing you to choose images based on color.

10 | Monitor and respond to blog comments. If you don’t think it’s necessary to reply to comments on your blog, think again. Replying to blog comments not only adds to the quality of your post, it also helps with SEO. It is important to monitor them though because you don’t want comments that are irrelevant to your blog post or that come off as spammy, as this can hurt your SEO ranking.

If you feel like you could benefit from outsourcing these tasks or anything else that’s blog, business or Pinterest related, I’d love to chat. 

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