I’m tired, frustrated and honestly I feel burnt-out. There are a lot of us out there, I know. Parents trying to do it all because you feel if you ask for help, it comes across as “being a failure”. I get it. I do everything on the home front and have my 8 month old son with me all day, all while trying to get my blog off the ground. Did I mention I’m a photographer too? Yep, I’m a martyr.

But now with Logan’s teeth coming in and feeling a little under the weather myself, I’m just feeling so overwhelmed by it all. For those of you who don’t have experience with teething, let me put it this way – teething should have been the 10th circle of hell.

Baby either doesn’t sleep or ONLY sleeps on mom. Oh, and you can’t leave them alone for the 2 minutes it takes to pee either, because tears and screaming will ensue the moment they can’t see you. But hey, personal space is for people without kids right?

Everyone’s telling me “it takes some time to get used to, but one day you’ll miss it.” Great, yeah I’m sure I’ll miss not having my arms to myself or not sleeping. Like, who needs sleep when you can get wired on caffeine and spend most of the night thinking about everything instead of sleeping.

Not to mention the dishes that haven’t been washed because little mister wants to be in my arms every second of the day. And while I’ve been able to master cooking and doing laundry with one hand, scrubbing pots and pans seem to be on a whole other level that I just can’t master.

And yeah I should probably end off with something uplifting but apparently once the teething is over, there’s something called the terrible two‘s and then you get a threenager.

Oh. Happy. Days.

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