REVIEW // The Yongnuo YN EF 50mm F 1.8 Prime Lens

It’s hard for me to write a review on the Yongnuo YN EF 50mm F 1.8 Prime Lens, knowing all I want to do is log onto Wish and shop some more! While this review is about the Yongnuo Prime Lens, I have to tell you about my experience using Wish. I ordered 4 items from them – all camera related and received my final item today, which was the lens.

Yongnuo 50mm Prime Lens Review

I really do love Wish and if you are considering ordering something from them, I’d recommend READING THE REVIEWS. If you’re interested in something make sure you read the reviews because people don’t always say if something came early or looks great but they are quick to tell you if something doesn’t fit right or if it’s poor quality.

Now to get to the review of the Yongnuo YN EF 50mm F 1.8 Prime Lens.

I saw the 50 mm Prime Lens on Wish at a fraction of the price of the original Canon 50 mm and just could not resist. I did some research beforehand regarding the 50 mm and saw that it’s a great lens for taking portraits as well as images for your blog. Up until now, I’ve been using my kit lens for most of my shots and one of the biggest things to get used to when using this lens, is not being able to zoom in and out.

The bokeh is amazing as this lens goes all the way down to F 1.8 although I wouldn’t recommend shooting portraits all the way down there because some parts of your subject might come out blurry, especially if the person’s features are not all on the same plane {i.e. if they’re standing to the side and their eyes aren’t inline}. I have tested the lens out somewhat and I’ve found crisper images with an Aperture of around F 2.5 if you’re shooting people, but for blog images you can certainly test out what F 1.8 delivers.

The lens itself is really light, quite small and fits perfectly on the Canon 1200D. I have to be honest, I am quite surprised by Yongnuo as I’ve been using my Yongnuo external flash for almost a year and I can tell you now the quality of this brand is exceptional. If you’re starting out and don’t have a lot of money for the originals, then this is the best choice you can make.

Seriously, the “Nifty Fifty” is definitely one of my all time favorite lenses.

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