To my sweet baby boy,  Logan.

I cannot believe 6 months has flown by. It still feels like you were in my tummy yesterday and here you are, celebrating 6 months of living life!

I am overjoyed that I have been chosen to be your mother. Me. Little old Dianne. That I get to wake up to your smiling face every day is absolutely everything. You are such an amazing little boy and you fill our hearts with so much joy. You are the epitome of love. A true reflection.

I cherish every moment we have together.

The day you were born changed everything for me, especially the way I see love. We think we know what love is when we meet our soulmates, but never could I have imagined a love like what I have for you. It’s truly like having your heart walk around outside of your body.

I want to protect you but I know I have to let you stumble and make mistakes so that you can learn. I want to shelter you but I know I have to let you experience life and all it has to offer – the good and (unfortunately) the bad.

I want you to know that dad and I will always be here. ALWAYS! No matter what happens, we’ll always be there for you. We’re so proud of you – yep, even though you’re only 6 months old – you are our PRIDE and JOY, and boy do you bring us joy!

Thank you for being the sweetest, chillest kid there is. Thank you for reminding us everyday how absolutely lucky we are to have you. Thank you for making us your mom & dad, and thank you for allowing us to watch you grow. Although this heart of mine can’t yet handle the fact that 6 months has flown by, I am excited for all the adventures that await.

We love you, boet

Mom & Dad


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