I know that as soon as 30 weeks come along, a photo shoot is the last thing on your mind. With my maternity shoot I was about 32 weeks pregnant with swollen feet, a few extra kilograms accompanying me and sweating all. the. damn. time! Lucky for me our photographer was absolutely amazing and knew exactly how to pose me to make sure I look fabulous!

Now that I look back on the images from our shoot, I am so glad I did it and so grateful for Thanee from Kai Kai Love Photography for the amazing work she did. One thing I am constantly reminded of is how fleeting time is. It seems I was JUST pregnant a week ago and that I gave birth about 5 minutes ago. In reality, Logan is almost 5 months old and getting ready to crawl!

You need to do a Maternity Shoot for the sole purpose of having this precious time in your life encapsulated forever because once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Doing a Maternity Shoot is also a great way to boost your self-confidence and who knows, these photos might be your ultimate favorite and you’ll want to flaunt them every chance you get!


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